Brigham Young University. Student Body

Student government began at BYU in 1909 and was known officially as the Student Body until 1933 when the title changed to Associated Students of Brigham Young University. Student Body Presidents included: Jacob Elmer (1905-06), Henry Rose (1910-11), Briant Stringham (1911-12), David J. Wilson (1912-13), Einar Anderson (1913-14), J. Edward Johnson (1914-15), Fayette Stephens (1915-16), Marion Harris (1916-17), E. B. Snell (1917-18), Aaron Tracy (1918-19), Joseph S. Jarvis (1919-20), George S. Balliff (1920-21), A. Ray Olpin (1921-22), E. Hyrum Harter (1922-23), A. Rex Johnson (1923-34), Merrill J. Bunnell (1924-25), Owen T. Romney (1925-26), Raymond B. Holbrook (1926-27), David F. Hart (1927-28), Leroy Gibbons (1928-29), Anthony I. Bentley (1929-30), James A. Cullimore (1930-31), and Farrell Collett (1931-32).

Variant names

Brigham Young University. Studentbody

Brigham Young University. Student Body Council


Established: 1909

Abolished: 1933

Location: Provo, Utah (1909-1933)


The 1922 college constitution stated that the purpose of student government was to "further educational growth, to foster high ideals of conduct, to insure cooperative development, to broaden the field of our service, to govern ourselves more wisely, and to establish worthy traditions for us and all that may follow." The student council was involved in some of the important parts of the school's culture, proclaiming the school colors to be white and blue and the block Y to be the official letter of the student body.

Assets and Administrative Structure

The Student Body began with a president, first vice-president, second vice-president, secretary-historian, editors of Y News and Banyan, and a cheermaster, according to the 1924 constitution. All of these were elected by the general student body. The council included a representative from each class and one from the secondary training school. The council selected one faculty member to serve with it. The Student Body Affairs Committee functioned within Student Body at least from 1910-1911. The council also maintained a Lyceum Committee and a Public Service bureau, organized in 1921 by Ernest L. Wilkinson.

Associated Units

Superior unit: Brigham Young University (1909-1933)

Later unit: Associated Students of Brigham Young University (1933)

Subordinate unit: The White and Blue (1909-1921)

Subordinate unit: Y News (1921-1933)

Associated Archival Materials

Minutes Of The Student Body Council Of Brigham Young University For The Year ... (378.101 St94 1941-42)

Studentbody Accounts and Expenditures, 1912-1920 (UA 112)


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Histories, 1922-1986 (list of presidents)

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