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The Y News was the student-based campus newspaper at Brigham Young University from 1921 to 1948. Its editors included: : A. G. Hubbard (1921-1922), Briant L. Decker (1922-1924), Mieth Maeser (1924-1925), John Gessford (1925-1926), Gail Plummer (1926-1927), Erwin Nelson (1927-1928), Glen Dickson (1928-1929), Jean Paulson (1929-1930), T. Hettig (1930-1931), Carlton Culmsee (1931-1932), Glen A. Wilkinson (1932-1933), William C. Carr (1933-1934), Ray McGuire (1934-1935), John Domina (1935-1936), Jack Davis (1936-1937), Fern Ostler (1937-1938), Bill Coltrin (1938-1939), Marvin E. Smith (1939-1940), Thornton Booth (1940-1941), Glenn Snarr (1941-1942), Jim Hecker (1942-1943), Jean Bickmore (1943-1944), Mavis Hafen (1944-1945), Moana Ballif and Helen Hickman (1945-1946), Dick Rowley (1946-1947), Tom Wheelwright (1947-1948). It was renamed The Daily Universe in 1948.


Established: 1921

Abolished: 1948

Location: Provo, Utah (1921-1948)


Y News was the student-run newspaper. It covered sporting events, campus interests, and news both national and international.

Assets and Administrative Structure

The paper was overseen by an editor and business manager. The organization was overseen by the Brigham Young University Student Body.

Associated Units

Superior unit: Brigham Young University. Student Body (1921-1933)

Superior unit: Associated Students of Brigham Young University (1933-1948)

Earlier unit: The White and Blue (1921)

Later unit: Brigham Young Universe (1948)

Associated unit: Brigham Young University. Photo Studio (circa 1930-1948)

Associated Archival Materials

Y News newspaper microfilm (B76u)


Student Body Records 1912-1920, UA 112 (Student Body funded and oversaw Y News)

Editors and Business Managers of the Daily Universe and Its Predecessors, UA 451 (Editors of Y News and its internal structure; dates for its founding and abolishment)

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