The White and Blue

The White and Blue was established in 1898. It changed format in 1921, and the later incarnation was named Y News. Editors included: Ed Rowe (1898-1899), R. Leo Bird (1899-1900), A. L. Neff (1900-1901), David D. Rust (1901-1902), J. Frank Day (1902-1903), Willis L. Mangum (1903-1905), P. C. Peterson, Jr. (1905-1906), Ashley Bartlett (1906-1907), Heber C. Snell (1907-1908), Clarence Jacob (1908-1909), Dr. C. H. Carroll (1909-1910), Heber C. Snell (1910-1911), P. C. Peterson, Jr. (1911-1912), Charles Schwencke (1912-1914), N. H. Savage (1914-1915), G. Oscar Russell (1915-1916), Louis Brandley (1916-1917), Sterling Ercanbrack (1917-1918), Lucile Talmage (1918-1919), Joseph Olpin (1919-1920), Le Roy Cox (1920-1921), La Vieve Huish (1921-1922), Alberta Huish (1922-1923).


Established: 1903

Abolished: 1923

Location: Provo, Utah (1903-1923)


The White and Blue was the campus newspaper, and then a student-run literary journal.

Assets and Administrative Structure

The paper was overseen by an editor and business manager. Starting in 1909, the publication was overseen by the Student Body.

Associated Units

Superior unit: Brigham Young University (1903-1909)

Superior unit: Brigham Young University. Student Body (1909-1923)

Later unit: Y News (1921)


Editors and Business Managers of the Daily Universe and Predecessors, 1898-1957, UA 451 (Editors; Established and abolished; editor and business manager)

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