Brigham Young University. Dept. of Anthropology and Archaeology

The Department of Anthropology and Archaeology was created in 1965 when the Department of Sociology and Anthropology split and the anthropology program merged with the Department of Archaeology. In 1980, the department was renamed the Department of Anthropology. Ross T. Christensen (1965-1968), Merlin G. Myers (1968-1979), and John L. Sorenson (1979-1980) served as department chairmen.

Variant names

Brigham Young University. Dept of Anthropology/Archaeology


Established: 1965

Abolished: 1980

Location: Provo, Utah (1965-1980)


The department had as goal to teach students the fundamentals of anthropology and archaeology, anthropology focusing on living human societies and their particularities, while archaeology concentrated on understanding previous civilizations based on their material artifacts. Students could choose either a BS in anthropology or a BA in archaeology until 1975; beginning that year, students received a BS in anthropology and archaeology, and could choose an emphasis. Emphases included social anthropology, prehistoric archaeology, and historic archaeology.

Assets and Administrative Structure

The department was administered by a chair under the direction of the college dean.

Associated Units

Superior unit: Brigham Young University. College of Social Sciences (1965-1980)

Earlier unit: Brigham Young University. Dept. of Archaeology (1965)

Earlier unit: Brigham Young University. Dept. of Sociology and Anthropology (1965)

Later unit: Brigham Young University. Dept. of Anthropology (1980)

Associated unit: Brigham Young University. Museum of Archaeology and Ethnology (1965-1980)

Associated Archival Materials

Department Records, 1941-1977, 1960-1977. (UA 675)


Brigham Young University Annual Catalog 1966-68: p. 140 (Ross T. Christensen chairman; teaches for basic understanding of the concepts, methods, and substantive knowledge of anthropology and archaeology; students could major in either archaeology or anthropology; BA archaeology—history of man based on material artifacts, buildings, art, monuments, etc; BS anthropology—study of living human groups as to rituals, beliefs, kinship/marriage systems, politics, languages, etc.)

Brigham Young University Annual Catalog 1968-70: p. 143 (Merlin G. Myers chairman)

Brigham Young University General Catalog 1975-76: p. 66-7 (programs/emphases offered in social anthropology, prehistoric archaeology, historic archaeology; major now a combined BS of anthropology and archaeology)

Brigham Young University General Catalog 1979-80: p. 57 (John L. Sorenson chairman; variant name, Anthropology/Archaeology)

Brigham Young University General Catalog 1980-81: p. 58 (name change to Anthropology)

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