Brigham Young University. Computer Research Center

The Computer Research Center was established in 1958 under the direction of Gary Carlson. It was placed under Computer Services in 1969. It was abolished in 1973.

Variant Names

BYU Computer Research Center


Established: 1958

Abolished: 1973

Location: Provo, Utah (1958-1973)


The center served individual students doing classwork, as well as graduate students and faculty researchers. It also fulfilled the University administrative data processing needs. The center equipment included an IBM 360/50 with all the normal related input and output equipment and programming languages. The center assisted in correlating all computer operations and offered an expanded curriculum in computer sciences.

Assets and Administrative Structure

The Computer Research Center was under a director who reported to the university's comptroller until 1966, when it reported to Ben E. Lewis, the university's academic vice-president.

Associated Units

Superior unit: Brigham Young University (1958-1969)

Superior unit: Brigham Young University. Computer Services (1969-1973)

Later unit: Brigham Young University. Computer Services (1969)

Associated unit: Brigham Young University. Dept. of Computer Science (1970-1973)

Associated Archival Materials

Computer Research Center flow charts, 1966 (UA 851)

Office of Information Technology records, 1966-2009 (UA 1241)


First One Hundred Years Vol. III p. 668-670 (to correlate all computer operations and to offer an expanded curriculum in computer sciences; associated with Computer Sciences Dept.; under comptroller and academic vice-president)

Brigham Young University Annual Catalog 1972-1973 p. 64 (functions; Gary Carlson, director)

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