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==Associated Units==
==Associated Units==
Superior unit: [[subordinate to::Brigham Young University]] ([[date::1953]]- before [[date::1963]])
Associated unit: [[associated to::Brigham Young University. Honor Council]] ([[date::1953]]-[[date::1957]])
Later unit: [[later unit::Brigham Young University. University Standards Committee]] ([[date::1957]]

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The Faculty Committee on Honor Council was created in 1953. Its first Chairman was R. C. Braithwaite (1953-1954). He was followed by Reed H. Bradford.


Established: 1953

Abolished: before 1963

Location: Provo, Utah (1953- before 1963)


The Faculty Committee on Honor Council met to hear cases submitted by the Student Honor Council.

Assets and Administrative Structure

This Committee reported to the Dean of Students.

Associated Units

Associated unit: Brigham Young University. Honor Council (1953-1957)

Later unit: Brigham Young University. University Standards Committee (1957


Brigham Young University Annual School Catalog, 1953-1954: p. 17 (R. C. Braithwaite, chairman)

Harvey L. Taylor Administrative Council Records, 1953-1963 (UA 913 Box 13 Fol 4): (Reed H. Bradford, chairman)

Brigham Young University Accreditation Self-Study Reports, 2003-2006 (UA 1262 Box 2): (heard cases submitted by the Student Honor Council; reported to the Dean of Students)

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