Harold B. Lee Library. University Records Management

In 1997 the Records Management program became a separate department under the new Special Collections Division. Marcel Ramjoue (1997-2012) was the Department Chair for University Records Management.

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Established: 1997

Abolished: 2012

Location: Provo, Utah (1997-2012)


Records Management's purpose is to help facilitate the preservation of the records of Brigham Young University. This is done for legal and financial purposes. Relevant and important historical documents are sent to the University Archives for preservation. Records Management also helps all University departments with the assessment, preservation, and destruction of all departmental records.

There are many ways to store records; Records Management uses electronic storage, e-mail, micrographics, digital imaging, microfilm, hard coy, and other formats to store records. Storage for the departmental records is provided through the Records Center until the inactive records are either archived with University Archives, or disposed of.

Assets and Administrative Structure

University Records Managements is managed by a Department Chair who reports to the Assistant University Librarian for Special Collections. The AUL for Special Collections reports to the University Librarian. University Records Management is located on the sixth floor of the Harold B. Library.

Associated Units

Superior unit: Harold B. Lee Library. Special Collections Division (1997-2012)

Earlier unit: Harold B. Lee Library. University Archives and Records Management (1997)

Associated unit: Harold B. Lee Library. Records Management Committee (1997- )

Associated Archival Materials

Harold B. Lee Library Annual Reports (UA 1015)


BYU Records Management Handbook, pg. 25-33, (storage methods for records) http://lib.byu.edu/sites/recordsmanagement/files/2009/01/recordsmanagementhandbook.pdf

Records Management mission statement, (valued records are archived) http://lib.byu.edu/sites/recordsmanagement/mission-statement/

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