Brigham Young University. Office of Planning and Assessment

The Office of Planning and Assessment began in 1996. Part of the function has actually been at the University since the early 1960's. Directors have included: Jim Gordon (current), Gerrit Gong (2001-2010), Addie Fuhriman, and Ned Hill.

Variant names

Planning and Assessment

Office of Institutional Research

Institutional Research and Planning

Institutional Studies


Established: 1996

Location: Provo, Utah (1996- )


The Office of Planning and Assessment assists with planning and assessment in the University. It collects and analyzes data used in assessment, conducts periodic reviews of academic units and educational support units, assists in the resource planning process, and coordinates activities related to University accreditation.

Assets and Administrative Structure

Over the years, processes have been reviewed and modified based on accreditation requirements, but the core functions of the office have remained basically the same. The previous offices reported to the Academic VP or his designee prior to the current model of reporting directly to the President. It is run by a Director. Subordinate Offices include: Institutional Assessment and Analysis, Academic Unit Reviews, and Educational Support Unit Reviews. Prior units include: The Office of Institutional Research, Institutional Research and Planning, and Institutional Studies.

Associated Units

Superior unit: Brigham Young University (1996- )

Subordinate unit: Brigham Young University. Institutional Assessment and Analysis (2001- )

Earlier unit: Brigham Young University. Institutional Research and Planning (1996)

Earlier unit: Brigham Young University. Institutional Studies (1996)


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