Brigham Young University. Entertainment Division

In 1978, the Program Bureau was reorganized and the Entertainment Division was created to work in conjuction with the Office of Performance Scheduling to assist in organizing and scheduling on-campus cultural events featuring Brigham Young University student performing groups. K. Newell Dayley served as the director of the division from 1978 through 1982, at which time he was promoted to chair of the music department. The division was then incorporated into the music department.


Established: 1978

Abolished: 1982

Location: Provo, Utah (1978-1982)


The Entertainment Division organized and scheduled events for the student body on campus that featured BYU student performing groups including Young Ambassadors, Jazz Voices, Sounds of Freedom and Lamanite Generation.

Assets and Administrative Structure

The Entertainment Division was under the supervision of a director, who reported to the the University Associate President over University Relations.

Associated Units

Superior unit: Brigham Young University. University Relations Division (1978-1982)

Associated with: Brigham Young University. Office of Performance Scheduling (1978-1982)

Associated Archival Materials

Entertainment Division Collection, 1952-1971 (UA 1129)


Entertainment Division Collection, 1952-1971 (See "Biographical History" and "Institutions" in collections detail. Scheduled on-campus performing assemblies and events for the student body that involved Sounds of Freedom, Young Ambassadors, and Lamanite Generation. This collection was created by the Entertainment Division although many of the documents are from before the divisions creation. However, the documents involve the same groups the Entertainment Division was then in charge of.)

Brigham Young University Telephone Directory, 1981-82 (supervised and scheduled Young Ambassadors, Jazz Voices, and other groups)

Brigham Young University Telephone Directory, 1982-83 (Integrated into the Music Dept.)

Brigham Young University Annual School Catalog, 1978-79, pg. 282 (Under University Relations, Director: K. Newell Dayley)

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