Brigham Young University. Committee on Archaeology

The Committee on Archaeology was created in 1981. John M. Lundquist served as its first chairman.


Established: 1981

Abolished: ?
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Location: Provo, Utah (1981-?
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This Committee was organized to arrive at professionally informed judgement about the advantages and disadvantages of proposed projects and activities in order that administrative officers in the University may make the wisest possible decisions on how BYU's funds, faculty energy and time, and the University's prestige should be allocated; to guide the Museum of Peoples and Cultures in providing facilities and equipment to serve archaeological researchers; the Museum has been given responsibility to coordinate provision of laboratory quarters, equipment and curation services in aid of all archaeological activities based on campus; to facilitate cooperation among the archaeologists themselves by their sharing information about the aims and progress of them and their colleagues; and to correlate curriculum matters - course offerings, majors, minors, etc – treating archaeology

Assets and Administrative Structure

This Committee was responsible to the Dean of Family, Home and Social Sciences and was headed by a chairman.

Associated Units

Superior unit: Brigham Young University (1981-?
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Brigham Young University Committees, 1980-1984 (UA 791 Fol 2): (John M. Lundquist, chairman; judge advantates and disadvantages of projects; guide the Museum of Peoples and Cultures; facilitate cooperation among archaeologists; correlate archaeology curriculum); (UA 791 Fol 3): (Responsible to the Dean of Family, Home and Social Sciences.

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