Brigham Young University. Athletic Media Relations

In 1996, Sports Information was renamed Athletic Media Relations and was integrated into Intercollegiate Athletics. Directors for Athletic Media Relations included Ralph Zobell (1996-1998) and Duff Tittle (1998-present). Athletic Media Relations serves all sports by taking care of game programs, the Athletics website, graphic design, video production, statistics, intercollegiate media relations, granting press permissions, broadcasts, photos and information to other Sports Information Departments, working with ESPN, organizing interviews and publicity, etc.

Variant Names

Brigham Young University. Sports Media Publicity

Brigham Young University. Athletic Communications


Established: 1996

Location: Provo, Utah (1996- )


The unit is responsible for maintaining the Athletics website, creating game programs, and associated graphic design and video production.

Assets and Administrative Structure

The unit is administered by a director, who reports to the director of Athletics.

Associated Units

Superior unit: Brigham Young University. Intercollegiate Athletics (1996- )

Earlier unit: Brigham Young University. Sports Information (1996)

Associated unit: Brigham Young University. Women's Sports Information (1996-2003)

Associated Archival Materials

Athletic Media Relations records, 1937-1996 (UA 5427)

Athletic Media Relations media guides and publications, 1963-1996 (UA 5427 Series I)

Athletic Media Relations photographs, 1970-1996 (UA 5427 Series II)

Athletic Media Relations records and awards, 1937-1987 (UA 5427 Series III)

Athletic Media Relations travel and statistics, 1948-1979 (UA 5427 Series IV)

Records, 1962-1994 (UA 783 box 4)

Media Guides And Related Items, 1930-2005 (UA 669)

Basketball Media Guides, 1950- (UA 786 box 1)

Football Media, 1952-1998 (UA 785 box 2)

Publicity Information, 1953-1986 (UA 740)

Football Player Photographs, 1980-1990 (UA 769)

Football Game-Day Programs, 1938-1997 (UA 778 box 4)

Basketball Game-Day Programs, 1970-1998 (UA 782 box 3)


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