Brigham Young University. Alumni Association

Although the Brigham Young University Alumni Association changed its name when Brigham Young Academy became a university, it had already existed alongside the Academy since 1893. During the years 1926-1938, it was generally known as the Associated Alumni of Brigham Young University. It has been an active member organization in the American Alumni Council since 1926. In 2009, the Alumni Association gave up its governing and fiduciary responsibilities and became an advisory body to the Department of Alumni Relations. Following is a list of its presidents: Joseph R. Murdock (1903-1904), Anthony C. Lund (1904-1905), Stephen L. Chipman (1905-1906), J. Will Knight (1906-1907), William E. Rydalch (1907-1908), Heber C. Jex (1908-1909), W. Lester Mangum (1909-1910), William E. Ryalen (1910-1911), Joseph B. Keller (1911-1912), Thomas N. Taylor (1912-1913), Edward H. Holt (1913-1915), Arthur Candland (1915-1916), R. Eugene Allen (1916-1919), Eugene L. Roberts (1919-1920), Henry Aldous Dixon (1920-1921), Herald R. Clark (1921-1922), Horace G. Merrill (1922-1923), Hugh M. Woodward (1923-1924), Edwin S. Hinckley (1924-1925), Oscar A. Kirkham (1925-1927), Richard R. Lyman (1927-1930), R. Leo Bird (1930-1933), Isaac E. Brockbank (1933-1935), Fred R. Hinckley (1935-1936), Earl J. Glade (1936-1938), Lynn S. Richards (1938-1938), J. Clifton Moffitt (1938-1939), Junius M. Jackson (1939-1940), Bryant S. Hinckley (1940-1941), George Albert Smith (1941-1942), Marion J. Greenwood (1942-1944), Don B. Colton (1944-1945), L. Weston Oaks (1945-1946), Harold R. Clark (1946-1947), Clyde D. Sandgren (1947-1951), Roy Broadbent (1951-1952), Wallace W. Brockbank (1952-1953), Raymond B. Holbrook (1953-1955), S. Lynn Richards (1955-1956), Grant Thorn (1956-1957), G. Robert Ruff (1957-1959), Clyde J. Summerhays (1957-1959), DaCosta Clark (1960-1961), E. Lamar Buckner (1961-1962), Sanford M. Bingham (1962-1963), Arch L. Madsen (1963-1964), Phillip V. Christensen (1964-1965), Harold H. Smith (1965-1967), William Sorensen (1967-1968), Howard C. Maycock (1968-1969), Ernest Ludlow Wilkinson (1969-1971), Don Alder (1971-1972), Fred L. Markham (1972-1973), Albert Choules, Jr. (1973-1974), Roy E. Christensen (1974-1975), Harold P. Christensen (1975-1976), Dr. John Zenger (1977-1978), Robert Thorn (1978-1979), Gloria Firmage (1979-1980), Howard Edwards (1980-1981), Nancy Rooker (1981-1982), John Stohlton (1982-1983), Paul Eckel (1983-1984), Kieth Merrill (1984-1985), Anna Marie Hales (1985-1986), David K. Udall (1986-1987), Steven R. Shallenberger (1987-1988), Richard Galbraith (1988-1989), Joan Peterson Fisher (1989-1990), David P. Forsyth (1990-1991), W. Kenneth Thiess (1991-1992), Dr. E. Bruce McIff (1992-1993), Dr. Glenna Cooper Boyce (1993-1995), Tom Hart (1995-1997), Paul E. Gilbert (1997-1999), Diana Peterson (1999-2000), Russell Booth (2000-2002), Brent Romney (2002-2004), Carr Krueger II (2004-2006), J. Craig McIlroy (2006-2008), Bruce Olsen (2008), Dee T. Allsop (2008-2010), and Chris Feinauer (2010- ).

Variant names

BYU Alumni Association

Alumni Association of Brigham Young University

Associated Alumni of Brigham Young University


Established: 1903

Location: Provo, Utah (1903- )


The Alumni Association is dedicated to promoting the welfare of the University and to keeping alumni interest alive in the university. To achieve these goals, the Association has, over the years: organized alumni clubs; hosted events such as receptions, reunions, and parades; raised funds for scholarships, athletic programs, and campus housing projects; and sponsored student programs. Fundraising functions shifted over time, and the Alumni Association is no longer actively involved in fundraising efforts. In addition to these services, the Alumni Association was responsible for keeping records on alumni of the university. In 1963, the Association opened the Aspen Grove Family Camp, a popular family summer retreat for alumni and others. The Association has continued to run Aspen Grove, and has expanded it to include: marriage weekend getaways, fall family getaways, holiday family retreats, youth conferences, skiing trips, and business meetings or retreats. In 1964, the Alumni Association created the Cougar Club, an organization which offers benefits to its members, who donate money for athletic recruiting. The Alumni Association has also produced several publications.

Assets and Administrative Structure

The Alumni Association is headed by the executive committee of a board. Beginning in 1956, the governing body of the Alumni Association was the Alumni Council, an advisory committee composed of representatives from each stake and mission in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, as well as ex officio members from various departments and divisions of Brigham Young University. Also included in the board are chapter and other directors acting under the direction of the executive committee. The Association is a volunteer organization closely associated with the Department of Alumni Relations. Beginning in 2009 the board reports directly to the university president.

Associated Units

Superior unit: Brigham Young University (1903-)

Associated unit: Brigham Young University. Alumni Relations (1956- )

Associated unit: Brigham Young University. Public Relations Division (1956-1964)

Subordinate unit: BYU Today (1972-1980)

Associated Archival Materials

Brigham Young University Alumni Association Activity Files, 1967-1988 (UA 968)

Brigham Young University Alumni Association Historical Records, 1937-1987 (UA 1006)

Brigham Young University Emeritus Club, 1983-1993 (UA 1137)

The History of the Alumni Association and its Influence on the Development of Brigham Young University (378.22 P323)

The Brigham Young University Dept. of Alumni and External Relations Records, 1993-1998 (UA 1193; restricted)


The history of the Alumni Association and its influence on the development of Brigham Young University, 1974: p.81 (BYU Alumni Association) p. 59 (Brigham Young University Alumni Association)

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Division of University Relations (UA 543 Box 10 Fol 8) (Director of Public Relations is ex officio member of Alumni Council, the governing body of the Alumni Association, beginning 1956; description of Alumni Council)

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