Brigham Young University. "Y" Day Committee

The purpose of the annual “Y” Day was to offer a day of service in the community as united BYU students. The tradition began in 1906 with whitewashing the Y on the mountain and, after cementing the Y, evolved into a day of service, activities, and dancing all over campus and later into the community. “Y” Day evolved to involve students, the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development, city and county officials, and private businesses. The Committee organized the event and coordinated with all those involved. Chairmen included: Wesley P. Lloyd (1951), Kay Walker and Barbara Kehmeier (1957), and Milton F Hartvigsen (1963-1964). The exact years of existence of this committee are unknown.


Established: 1951

Abolished: 1964

Location: Provo, Utah (1951-1964)


The purpose of the “Y” Day Committee appears to be to coordinate and organize Y Day by overseeing all the various subcommittees.

Assets and Administrative Structure

This committee works under the direction of the student government’s vice president of student relations. It seemed to be directed by the Dean of Students.

“Y” Day had several associated committees to help organize and run the day’s activities, for example: a personnel recruitment committee, surveying committee, job divisions committee, equipment committee, Vigilante, Dance, Food, Materials, Personnel, Least Preferred Man, Communications, Games and Activities, Transportation, Campus Projects, New Materials, Business Manager, Cake Contest, Y-Mountain, and Publicity.

Associated Units

Superior unit: Brigham Young University (1951-1964)


Records, Articles, and Report of the Block Y and Y Day of Brigham Young University (Y-day began in 1906; Y-day evolution; purpose of committee; subcommittees) (UA 486)

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