Translation Sciences Institute

In 1970, the Department of Linguistics established the Translation Sciences Institute under the direction of Eldon G. Lytle. In 1980, the university and the Church determined no practical use for its research, so the Institute severed ties with Brigham Young University and entered the private sector as an independent translation company.

Variant names


Brigham Young University. Translation Sciences Institute


Established: 1976

Abolished: 1980

Location: Provo, Utah (1976-)


The Translation Sciences Institute researched and developed cutting edge computer programs to translate English into a multitude of languages using the Junction Grammar theory of language developed by Eldon G. Lytle. With the goal of assisting translation services for Church conferences and publications, initially the institute focused on the French, Spanish, Portuguese, and German languages.

Assets and Administrative Structure

A single director led the institute researching team and reported to the Vice President of Research and Development.

Associated Units

Superior unit: Brigham Young University (1970-)

Associated Archival Materials

Department of Linguistics and English Language Translation Sciences Institute Records, 1970-80 (UA 1222 Series IV)

Translation Sciences Institute records, 1973-1992 (UA 5592)


Hutchins, W. Machine Translation: Past, Present, and Future. 1986. Section 17:10 (Established in 1970 under direction of Eldon G. Lytle to create translation computer programs. In 1979-80 the research was found unpractical the the Institute severed ties with the University and the Church and became a private business. Initially focused on French, Spanish, Portuguese, German and Mandarin Chinese.)

“Translation—with a Little Help from Our Computers,” Ensign, Apr. 1979, p. 30 (Translation Institute established to help translation in church conferences and publications through computer programming and word processing.)

Personal email between Dani Peterson and Mel Smith. October 28, 2011. (Reported to VP of Research and Development. Completed cutting edge research based on Lytle's language theory of Junction Grammar. Abolished 1980. Focused on translating English to Spanish, French, Portuguese, and German.)

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