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'''Insert administrative history here.'''
==Variant names==
Brigham Young University. Marriott School of Management. Graduate School of Management
Established: [[established in::date::1989]]
Abolished: [[abolished in::date::1993]]
Location: [[location of::Provo, Utah]] ([[date::1989]]-[[date::1993]])
'''Insert description of functions here.'''
==Assets and Administrative Structure==
'''Insert description of administrative structure here.'''
==Associated Units==
Superior unit: [[subordinate to::Marriott School of Management]] ([[date::1989]]-[[date::1993]])
Earlier unit: [[earlier unit::Brigham Young University. Graduate School of Management]] ([[date::1989]])
Brigham Young University General Catalog, 1993-1994: p. 57 (Merger of Graduate School of Management with the Marriott School of Management in 1993)
==Maintenance Information==
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