Marriott School of Management. Dept. of Information Systems

In 2006 the School of Accountancy and Information Systems divided and the Department of Information Systems was established. Marshall Romney has served as department chairman since 2006.


Established: 2006

Location: Provo, Utah (2006- )


The Department of Information Systems included courses on computer spreadsheets skills, computer presentation skills, creating personal web pages, introduction to management information systems, introduction to computer programming, systems analysis, database systems, principles of business programming, data communications, systems design and implementation, enterprise application development, enterprise services and security, and strategic management of information systems.

Assets and Administrative Structure

The department was administered by a department chair, under direction of the college dean.

Associated Units

Superior unit: Marriott School of Management (2006- )

Earlier unit: Marriott School of Management. School of Accountancy and Information Systems (2006)

Later unit: Marriott School of Business. Dept. of Information Systems (2017)


Brigham Young University Undergraduate Catalog, 2006-2007: p. 215 (Marshall Romney (2006-2007)) p. 216-217 (course offerings)

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