Kay and Yvonne Whitmore Global Management Center

In 2006, the Global Management Center was renamed the Kay and Yvonne Whitmore Global Management Center. The Center is housed in the Marriott School of Management and is one of the nation's 33 Centers for International Business Education and Research (CIBER). The CIBER program is run by the US Department of Education to improve US business competitiveness by funding research, curriculum development, and training in international business matters. The Center's executive directors have included: C. Brooke Derr (2006-2007) and Lee Radebaugh (2008- ). Stephen T. Foster is department chair as of 2018.

Variant names

Whitmore Global Management Center

Global Management Center



Established: 2006

Location: Provo, Utah (2006- )


The Global Management Center works to provide the necessary education and training for students to compete in a global marketplace. To achieve this goal, the Center sponsors business language courses in 11 languages, other global business curriculum, global consulting projects, lectures, and student competitions. The Center also fosters faculty international development and research, and outreaches to the business community.

Assets and Administrative Structure

The Center is run by an executive director in cooperation with the dean of the Marriott School of Management.

Associated Units

Superior unit: Marriott School of Business (2017- )

Earlier unit: Marriott School of Management. Global Management Center (2006)


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