J. Reuben Clark Library. Special Collections

January of 1957, Chad J. Flake was put in charge of the Special Collections, a new and separate department of the Brigham Young University Library when it operated out of the Heber J. Grant building on Temple Hill. This department was to focus on Mormon Americana (excluding Mormon authors unless their writings fit within the category), books printed in Europe before 1800, books printed in America before 1850, rare costly books, limited edition books, and some miscellaneous collections. When the J. Reuben Clark Library (latter known as the Harold B. Lee Library) was completed in the Fall of 1961, Special Collections was moved to the new facility. In 1975 Special Collections operated on the fourth floor of the Harold B.Lee Library.

Variant names

L. Tom Perry Special Collections

Brigham Young University. Special Collections

Harold B. Lee Library. Special Collections


Special Collections


Established: Fall 1961

Location: Provo, Utah ([[date::Fall 1961]-?
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In 1957, when Special Collections was organized, the policies and guidelines regarding the functions of this department were stated as follows: "1) Mormon Americana-books related to Mormonism or about the Church and Utah-Mormon concept kept abroad, but Mormon authors excluded unless the work fit the criteria. An Effort will be made to acquire all things written about the Church and all periodicals published by the Church. Close cooperation will be maintained with the Church Historians office. Mission presidents and other Church groups and individuals; 2) books printed in Europe before 1800 and in America before 1850 (later materials may be considered rare because of cost, limited edition or subject value); 3) B.Y.U. materials mostly left to Archives 4) some miscellaneous collections retained - Burns Collection, Hafen Collection, etc. - others to go to regular stacks - Reynolds Collection, Memorial Collection, etc. Brimhall Collection and Utah Collection were examples of those to be incorporated into the Mormon American Collection."

Assets and Administrative Structure

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Associated Units

Superior unit: Brigham Young University (?
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Earlier unit: Brigham Young University. Library in the Heber J. Grant Building. Special Collections (1957-1961)

Later unit: [(later unit::Harold B. Lee Library. Special Collections)] ([(date::Fall 1961)]-[(date::?)]])

Later unit: [(later unit::Harold B. Lee Library. L. Tom Perry. Special Collections)] ([(date::?)]-[(date::?)])

Associated Archival Materials

Mormon Americana; Books printed in Europe before 1800; Books printed in America before 1850; Rare books: because of cost, limited edition or subject value; Some miscellaneous collections: Burns, Hafen, Brimhall, and Utah.


"Brigham Young University Library Centennial History," 1879-1975, Hattie M. Knight, Information Gathered: SC begun Jan 1957 with Chad J. Flake in charge, policies and guidelines in original organization.

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