J. Reuben Clark, Jr., Library. University Archives Division

When the J. Reuben Clark Jr. Library was completed in 1961, the Brigham Young University Archives--organized in 1956--were moved into the new library.

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Brigham Young University Archives



Established: 1961

Abolished: ?
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Location: Provo, Utah (1961-?
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The purpose of the Archives was to preserve University records of worthy value, such as: correspondence, financial reports, annual reports, minutes of meetings, photographs, records of policy and procedure as well as any of historical value to the University. They conducted a storage and retreival service for University Departments who lacked the space to store matterial. Student records, student ward records, and matterial printed on campus were held in Archives.

For significant matterial, indexes were created, detailed outlines of the matterial contained in a collection. Also, the matterial was cataloged with descriptions of the office which created it, the contents, and subject tracing.

Seperate and appart from the University records, was the Manuscript Division. This division held manuscripts of: Utah pioneers, Utah congressmen, and private individuals, diaries, journals, correspondence, scrapbooks, and manuscripts not formally printed or published containing the above primary materials. Records of businesses that had gone out of business, their minutes of meetings and their financial records. Old bank records from banks that had gone out of business, their ledgers, minutes of their meetings and other records. Also congressional papers of Utah congressmen.

Archives served as a thesis binding agent for students. Student thesis', however, were shelved in Special Collections and the stacks, none were kept in Archives. Archives microfilmed materials for the library, for faculty members and for patrons of other institutions and scholars. Also, Archives conducted tape recorded oral interviews with former BYU students who were then elderly. Also interviewed were old pioneers and other individuals.

Prior to the building of the museum on campus, Archives served as a sort of museum. They held old trophies, coins, historical items--like peace pipes and mementos from the Pacific islands--labor union records, and flags.

Assets and Administrative Structure

Archives was located in Room 112 on the first floor of the J. Reuben Clark Jr. Library in 1968. For patrons to read the matterials located in the archives, the matterial was brought from Room 112 up to Special Collections on the 4th floor of the library because the facilities were better there. Archives had five part time students who spent about 20 hours a week each to arrange all the materials, catalog, index, and provide services. Brother N. I. Butt worked full time in Archives. Hollis J. Scott was Assistant University Archivist. in 1968.

Associated Units

Superior unit: Brigham Young University (1903-?
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Superior unit: J. Rebuen Clark, Jr., Library (1961-1973)

Earlier unit: Brigham Young University. Archives (1956-1961)

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Hollis Scott Oral History Interview, Nov. 12, 1968, p. 1-11, Information Gathered: all information not otherwise stated.

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