Harold B. Lee Library. Special Collections and Metadata Catalog Dept.

This department was created in July 2007 when the Catalog Dept. was divided into two departments and one supporting unit. The newly formed Cataloging Services was given responsibility for general cataloging. The new Special Collections and Metadata Catalog Department took responsibility for special collections and manuscripts cataloging. Robert Maxwell (2007-2009) was selected as the first Department Chair of Metadata and Special Collections Cataloging.

Variant names

Special Collections Cataloging and Metadata

Metadata and Special Collections Cataloging


Established: 2007

Abolished: 2009

Location: Provo, Utah (2007-2009)


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Assets and Administrative Structure

The Department Chair reported to the Assistant University Librarian for Collection Development and Technical Services.

Associated Units

Superior unit: Harold B. Lee Library. Collection Development and Technical Services Division (2007-2009)

Later unit: Harold B. Lee Library. Special Collections and Formats Dept. (2010-)

Associated Archival Materials

Harold B. Lee Library Annual Reports, UA 1015


HBLL Annual Reports, 2007, p. 1 (Cataloging Department split into Special Collections and Metadata Catalog Department (Robert Maxwell Chair), Cataloging Services (John Wright Chair), and Cataloging Systems and Database Management Unit (Carla Kupitz, head)on July 1st.

Personal communication from Cory Nimer, October 3, 2012: (The department produced all of the catalog records for Special Collections including manuscripts and Americana. The department also produced original metadata for these areas as necessary. )

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