Harold B. Lee Library. Records Management Committee

In 1973 the University Archives and Records Management Committee was formed under the direction of University President Dallin H. Oaks (1973-1980) and Director of Libraries Daniel K. Nelson (1973-1980). When the committee was formed, it consisted of: Donald K. Nelson, Director of Libraries; Hollis Scott, University Archivist was the chairman; Gaylen D. Maynes of Financial Services; Dennis Rowley, Curator of Manuscripts; Michael Seibt and James B. Allen of the History Department; Gene F. Priday of Records; and Robert C. Wood of Special Services and BYU representative on the LDS Church Microfilm Control Committee.

The committee was in use until 2007, when it became inactive. The committee consisted of about three library employees and a few people from University Administration when it went inactive. It will be reconstituted when University Records Management is fully reorganized in 2012.

Variant Names

Records Committee


Established: 1973

Location: Provo, Utah (1973- )


The committee was established for the purpose of advising the University Archivist concerning the policy and procedure of collection and processing University Records. Other objectives of the University Archives and Records Management Committee were first, the creation of a report of recommendations supporting the establishment of a full university records management service. Second, revision of the University Archives use policy. Third, the establishment of standards, policies, and guidelines for the preservation and storage of university records on microfilm.

The first objective was accomplished in 1982, when a full university records management service was established.

Another objective of the committee was to help the cooperation between Archives and other campus department offices, in both the retrieval and submission of departmental records for University Archives. The committee also advised the University Archivist concerning the legal, educational, administrative, financial, and historical values of the records that were obtained.

Assets and Administrative Structure

The chairman of the committee reported to the Director of Libraries. The Director of Libraries reported to the Academic Vice President of the University.

Associated Units

Superior unit: Harold B. Lee Library (1973-?
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Associated unit: Brigham Young University. Records Management (1982)

Associated unit: Harold B. Lee Library. University Archives and Records Management (1991)

Associated unit: Harold B. Lee Library. University Records Management (1997)

Associated Archival Materials

University Archives Records (UA 1068)

Harold B. Lee Library Annual Reports (UA 1015)


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E-mail from Scott Duvall 6/18/2012, (Records committee is inactive and will be reconstituted)

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