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When the General Services Division was dissolved, the Public Services Division was created.  The reference desks were added back in to the Public Services Division.  The Assistant University Librarians for the Public Services Division were Larry J. Ostler (1984-1997), Julene Butler (1997-2003), and Terry Dahlin (2003-).
==Variant names==
Public Services
Established: [[established in::date::1991]]
Location: [[location of::Provo, Utah]] ([[date::1991]]-)
The Public Services Division houses most of the libraries services that deal with the public including reference desks, the Media Center, the Learning Commons, and Access Services.  The function of the Public Services Division is to help all of the public services run efficiently and help them work together.
==Assets and Administrative Structure==
The Assistant University Librarian for Public Services reports to the University Librarian.
==Associated Archival Materials==
Harold B. Lee Library Annual Reports (UA 1015)
HBLL Annual Reports 1996-1997, pg. 5, (Julene Butler appointed AUL for the Public Services Division)
HBLL Annual Reports 2001-2004, pg. 2, (Terry Dahlin replaced Julene Butler as AUL for the Public Services Division)
Harold B. Lee Library records, UA 1242 (structure of division)
Web page, "Posted 4/14/2011/ Advanced Writing Librarian, BYU Harold B. Lee Library, Provo, Utah 84602" (Public Services Division existed 4/14/11) http://www.lisjobs.com/jobseekers/details.asp?ID=44488
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