Harold B. Lee Library. Promotions and Outreach

In 2008, the Promotions and Outreach Department was created to combine outreach units of the library into one group. Previous to this, three of the department units reported to other divisions, with Exhibits reporting to Special Collections, Multimedia Production reporting to Public Services and the Communications/Public Relations units reporting to Cali O'Connell in administration. The Education in Zion unit was assigned to the library at the creation of the department. Cali O'Connell (2008-) became the first Promotions and Outreach Program Manager.

Variant names

Public Programs and Outreach


Established: 2008

Location: Provo, Utah (2008-)


Promotions and outreach manages library communications and promotion to the public and the university at large. Library public relations, multimedia creation, and exhibits fall under the responsibility of this department. The Education in Zion gallery in the Joseph F. Smith building is also managed by the department.

Assets and Administrative Structure

The Promotions and Outreach Program Manager reports to the University Librarian.

Associated Units

Superior unit: Harold B. Lee Library (2008-)

Subordinate unit: Harold B. Lee Library. Multimedia Unit (2008-)

Associated Archival Materials

Harold B. Lee Library Annual Reports (UA 1015)


Email communication from Cali O'Connell, September 12, 2012: (The Promotions and Outreach Department reports to the University Librarian. The department was created in 2008, when all library outreach units were combined. These included: Exhibits, which previously reported to Scott Duvall, AUL for Special Collections, Multimedia Production which reported to Terry Dahlin, AUL for Public Services, and Communications/PR. The Education in Zion unit was also included in the Department at its founding.)

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