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General Information Services' name was changed to the Learning commons in 2009/2010
==Variant names==
'''Insert variant names here.'''
Established: ([[established in::date::2009]]-)
Location: [[location of::Provo, Utah]] ([[date::2009]]-[[date::?]])
Within the Learning Commons there are many services available to the students: Creative Learning rooms, Writing Fellows Program, Writing Lab, The Hub (Freshman Mentoring Space), and an Accounting Lab.  the Learning commons provides a space where students can meet and collaborate with others.  At the reference desks in the Learning Commons, questions about general library information can be answered, as well as help with the Library's website, computer helping with scanning word processing, wireless access, etc.  Other resources are available to be checked out in the information commons, headphones, LCD projectors, memory card reader, 3.5 inch floppy drive, style manuals, phone books, and almanacs.  Periodicals is also a part of Learning Commons.  Student can read current and older periodicals, photocopy, and study in the Periodicals section of the library. 
==Assets and Administrative Structure==
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==Associated Units==
Superior unit: [[subordinate to::Harold B. Lee Library. Public Services]] ([[date::?]](possibly 2009/2010)-[[date::?]])
Subordinate unit: [[superior to::?]] ([[date::?]]-[[date::?]])
Earlier unit: [[earlier unit::Harold B. Lee Library. General Information Services]] ([[date::?]] (possibly 2009/2010))
==Associated Archival Materials==
Harold B. Lee Library Annual Reports (UA 1015)
Library website http://lib.byu.edu/sites/informationcommons/, 8/24/2012: (Functions of the Learning Commons)
HBLL Annual Report 2009: p. 1 (Periodicals Department merged with General Information Services Department and renamed Learning Commons Department.  Allyson Washburn named chair.)
HBLL Annual Report 2010: p. 6-7 (Department functions)
==Maintenance Information==
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