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==Variant names==
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Established: [[established in::date::1977]]
Abolished: [[abolished in::date::?]]
Location: [[location of::Provo, Utah]] ([[date::1977]]-[[date::1981]])
The Humanities Department provides reference service, library use instruction, and collection development service in support of the following subject areas: Humanities, Visual Arts, Art History, Languages & Literature, Linguistics, TESL, Theatre & Media Arts, Animation, Communications,  Asian studies, European studies, Latin American Studies, African & Caribbean Studies, Music & Dance, Philosophy, and Classical Studies.
==Assets and Administrative Structure==
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==Associated Units==
Superior unit: [[subordinate to::Harold B. Lee Library. Public Services]] ([[date::1976]]-[[date::1979]])
==Associated Archival Materials==
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Harold B. Lee Library records, UA 1242 (structure of division)
==Maintenance Information==
LCCN: nr2001049807
Record ID: EAC-2012-00010
Creator: UPB

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