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The Digital Multimedia (LRC Desk and LRC Operations)Section, Distributed Learning Section, Information Commons/Reference Section, and Information Literacy Section of the Library were all combined to form a new Department in the Library, General Information Services.
==Variant names==
Established: [[established in::date::2004]]
Abolished: [[abolished in::date::?]] (possibly 2009/2010)
Location: [[location of::Provo, Utah]] ([[date::?]]-[[date::?]])
'''Insert description of functions here.'''
==Assets and Administrative Structure==
'''Insert description of administrative structure here.'''
==Associated Units==
Superior unit: [[subordinate to::Brigham Young University]] ([[date::?]]-[[date::?]])
Subordinate unit: [[superior to::?]] ([[date::?]]-[[date::?]])
Later unit: [[later unit::Harold B. Lee Library. Learning Commons]] ([[date::?]])
Later unit: [[later unit::Harold B. Lee Library. Multimedia Unit]] ([[date::2005]])
==Associated Archival Materials==
Harold B. Lee Library Annual Reports, UA 1015
HBLL Annual Reports, 2004-2005; p. 1 (Coordinator positions reduced to 2: Reference Services Coordinator and Library Collections Coordinator ; Distributed Learning and Information Literacy Sections combined and placed under supervision of the Distributed Learning Services Librarian ; Mike Hill moved to Multimedia Section and Cyndee Frazier moved to Information Commons Section as department organization shifted.) p. 2 (Multimedia Production Team was removed from General Information Services and placed under Public Services.) p.6 (The department managed the Information Commons, creating collaborative workstations and multimedia work stations.  The department offered basic classes on scanning and bibliographic management software.) p. 7 (The department created a downloadable mp3 version of the library audio tour.) Library and Information Resources Appendix (Description of reference and information services, information literacy services, information commons)
HBLL Annual Reports, 2005-2006; p. 1 (Mike Hill and Multimedia Section transferred from General Information Services to Library Information Systems Department) p. 8 (The department managed the Information Desk ; Department staff was partially responsible for teaching first year writing classes) p.10 (The Learning Resource Center functioned as a sub-united of the Multimedia Unit)
==Maintenance Information==
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