Harold B. Lee Library. Conservation Unit

In 1987 the Conservation Laboratory split from the Preservation Department in order to be more closely connected to Special Collections, which was in the Collection Development Department at the time. The Book Repair unit was transferred to Conservation a short time later, but was moved back to the Preservation Department before 1990. The Director of Libraries was Sterling K. Albrecht (1987-1993), and the Assistant University Librarians for Collection Development were A. Dean Larsen (1987-1991) and Randy J. Olsen (1991-1993). The Department Chair of Conservation was Robert Espinosa (1987-1993).

Variant names

Conservation Laboratory

Conservation Lab


Established: 1987

Abolished: 1993

Location: Provo, Utah (1987-1993)


The Conservation Laboratory continued to conserve, restore, and preserve the rare books, manuscripts, and other materials from Special Collections. The Conservation Unit maintained a close working relationship with the Preservation Department, even while they were separated administratively.

Assets and Administrative Structure

The Conservation Unit was run by the head Conservator, who in turn reported to the Assistant University Librarian for Collection Development, who reported to the University Librarian.

The Conservation Laboratory was located on the 5th floor of the Harold B. Lee Library.

Associated Units

Superior unit: Harold B. Lee Library. Collection Development (1987-1993)

Earlier unit: Harold B. Lee Library. Preservation Department (1987)

Later unit: Harold B. Lee Library. Preservation Department (1993)

Associated Archival Materials

Harold B. Lee Library Annual Reports (UA 1015)

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HBLL Annual Reports 1984-1988, pg. 6, (Conservation Lab and Book Repair are transferred to Collections Development)

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