Harold B. Lee Library. Catalog Dept.

The Catalog Department was chaired by Gloria Jenson from the mid 1970s until it was placed in Technical services upon creation of that Division in 1980. Department chairs included Gloria Jenson (1960s-1993) and Carla Kupitz (1993- ).

Variant names

Cataloging Department


Established: 1973

Abolished: 2007

Location: Provo, Utah (1980-2007)


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Assets and Administrative Structure

In 1993, the department reorganized into eight specialized teams focusing on areas such as reclass, special collections, humanities, and foreign language. This change replaced the subdivision of the department into cataloging units. The department was organized into three cataloging units, an RLIN unit, and a typing-labeling pool. The department was divided into two departments and a unit in 2007 in accordance with the library's new strategic directions.

Associated Units

Superior unit: Harold B. Lee Library (1973-1980)

Superior unit: Harold B. Lee Library. Technical Services Division (1980-?
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Associated Archival Materials

UA 1242 box 51


Biennial And Annual Reports, 1973-2001: (placement in Technical Services)

Harold B. Lee Library records, box 51 (Gloria Jenson retirement and Carla Kupitz installed as dept. chair, 1993)

Harold B. Lee Library files, circa 1955-1993: (Directly under Library Director)

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