Brigham Young University. Timpanogas Hike Committee

The Timpanogas Hike was an annual community hike which began in 1911 and ended in 1972. Organizing the event included BYU, University of Utah, the Provo Chamber of Commerce, the Alpine Hiking Club of Payson, and other outdoor organizations of Utah. Chairmen included: E. L. Roberts (1923, 1926-1928), E. S. Hinckley (1924), Franklin S. Harris (1925), Karl Young (1944), C. J. Hart (1945-1959), Israel C. Heaton (1960-1968), John L. Hansen (1969), and Paul Genho (1970).

Variant names

The Hiking Committee

Outing Committee

Hike Committee


Established: 1923

Abolished: 1970

Location: Provo, Utah (1923-1970)


The Timpanogas Hike Committee at BYU scheduled and organized an annual community hike up Timpanogas mountain with other organizations. The hike was always well-publicised with programs and organized into specific activities and ceremonies for a few days. The Timpanogas Hike Committee oversaw and organized the many subunits.

Assets and Administrative Structure

This Committee was run by a Chairman.

Associated Units

Superior unit: Brigham Young University (1923-1970)

Associated Archival Materials

Brigham Young University President’s Records, 1949-1975 (UA 1086)

The Annual Mount Timpanogas Hike: Its Origin, Background, and Development (378.2 Sm6834 1955)


Records, 1914-1968 (E. L. Roberts; E. S. Hinckley; Franklin S. Harris; Karl Young; C. J. Hart; Israel C. Heaton; John L. Hansen; Paul Genho) (UA 563)

Eugene Lusk Roberts Collection, 1912-1972 (The hike began in 1911; participatory organizations) (UA 562)

Department Chair Records, 1922-1971 (functions) (UA 561)

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