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==Associated Units==
==Associated Units==
Superior unit: [[subordinate to::Brigham Young University]] ([[date::1956]]-[[date::1957]])
Superior unit: [[subordinate to::Brigham Young University]] ([[date::1956]]-before [[date::1963]])

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The Superior Students Committee was created in 1956. Its chairmen included Robert J. Howell (1956-1957) and Frank Ray Wilkinson (1957-before 1963)..


Established: 1956

Abolished: before 1963

Location: Provo, Utah (1956- before 1963)


The function of the Superior Students Committee was to consider ways in which programs may be implemented for superior students.

Assets and Administrative Structure

This committee was headed by a chairman.

Associated Units

Superior unit: Brigham Young University (1956-before 1963)


Ernest L. Wilkinson Presidential Papers, 1949-1975 (UA 1086, Box 28 Fol 3): (Robert J. Howell, chairman; considered ways of implementing a program of superior students); (Box 125 Fol 4): (Frank Ray Wilkinson, chairman)

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