Brigham Young University. Student Program Bureau

The Student Program Bureau was established in 1941. The bureau was a student ran group that organized performances from performing groups on campus, it was headed by the student body president. In 1952 the bureau was put under the direction of a adult chairman. The bureau was reorganized in 1958 with adult faculty in charge and changed its name to the Program Bureau. The chairman of the Student Program Bureau was Jane Thompson (1952-1958).


Established: 1941

Abolished: 1958

Location: Provo, Utah (1941-1958)


The Student Program Bureau was set up to bring entertaining and instructive entertainment to the public. Most early tours and performances stayed within Utah and Idaho.

Assets and Administrative Structure

The Student Program Bureau were under the direction of the Student Body President until 1952 when it began act under a chairman under the Office of Public Relations.

Associated Units

Superior unit: Associated Students of Brigham Young University (1941-1952)

Superior unit: Brigham Young University (1952-1958)

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