Brigham Young University. Scheduling Board

Around 1972 the Scheduling Committee was restructured as the Scheduling Board. J. Elliot Cameron continued to serve as the chairman. The known chairmen who followed him were W. Rolfe Kerr and Robert H. Moss.


Established: circa 1972

Abolished: ?
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Location: Provo, Utah (circa 1972-?
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The function of the Scheduling Board was to schedule all campus activities and facilities.

Assets and Administrative Structure

The members of this board were appointed by the University President. The board itself was responsible to the Executive Vice-President. An executive committee existed to handle the day to day and week to week administration of the Scheduling Board.

Associated Units

Superior unit: Brigham Young University (circa 1972-?
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Earlier unit: Brigham Young University. Scheduling Committee (before 1972)


Brigham Young University Committees, 1980-1984 (UA 791 Fol 1): (responsible to the Executive Vice-President; W. Rolfe Kerr, chairman; scheduled all campus activities and facilities)

UPB files, Nov. 3, 2010: (appointed by the President; J. Elliot Cameron, chairman; existence of the executive committee)

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