Brigham Young University. Planning Dept.

The Planning Department, under Physical Facilities Division, was administered by Norman Faldmo (1990-2003), Warren J. Jones (2003-2009), and Ray Bernier (2010- ).


Established: 1990

Location: Provo, Utah (1990- )


The Planning Department provides architectural services to the campus community. These services include, but are not limited to, programming, feasibility studies, cost estimates, architectural design, structural engineering, landscape architecture, civil engineering and interior design. This department also implements ADA requirements as approved by the University administration. Overall, it provides design services for the development of the physical environment of the Brigham Young University Campus in accordance with the aims and objectives of the University.

The Planning Department and its employees have four goals to assist in measuring the outcome of their efforts. First, they strive to create an environment for learning and spiritual growth. Designs for new and remodeled facilities, in their views, should reflect the best functional and aesthetic quality possible within the limitations of entrusted funds. Second, they give their best to be of service to the University Community and strive to understand the needs of departments requesting work by providing design options, cost estimates and review concerns related to their projects. Third, the Department maintains professional standards for services provided and develops skills and standards in Architecture, Engineering, Landscape Architecture, Interior Design, Cost Estimating and associated fields that allow it to provide professional services on all University projects. Fourth and last, the Department and its associates exemplify personal worthiness and dedication to the mission of the University—maintaining personal worthiness, accept responsibility for individual actions, and promoting teamwork to provide unity and credibility within the department.

Assets and Administrative Structure

The Planning Department reports to the Assistant Administrative Vice President under the President of the University.

Associated Units

Superior unit: Brigham Young University. Physical Facilities Division (1990- )

Earlier unit: Brigham Young University. Planning and Construction Dept. (1987-1990)


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