Brigham Young University. Multicultural Services. Academic Support Office

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Established: 1989

Abolished: ?
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Location: Provo, Utah (1989-?
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Assets and Administrative Structure

Multicultural Services functioned under the administrative direction of a services director.

Associated Units

Superior unit: Brigham Young University. Multicultural Services (1989-?
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Earlier unit: Brigham Young University. Academic Concerns Office (1987-1989)

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Brigham Young University Annual Catalog, 1989-1990: p. 29 (est: 1989 as a division within Student Life; Director: K. Rush Sumpter; Multicultural Services helped American Indian, American minority, and international students succeed in college work by providing certain support functions critical to their welfare at the university. These functions included International Student Support, the Academic Support Office, and Financial Aids.

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