Brigham Young University. Learning Centers

The Learning Resource Centers Department moved from the Library to the newly established department of Learning Services and became the Learning Centers. Ted C. Hindmarsh (1978-1981) was the head of the Learning Centers. In 1981 the Learning Centers were transferred back to the Harold B. Lee Library.

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Established: 1978

Abolished: 1981

Location: Provo, Utah (1978-1981)


The Learning Centers were a resource for both faculty and students. They provided educational media services, and out-of-class learning opportunities for those that wished to use them.

Assets and Administrative Structure

The Manager for the Learning Centers reported to the Director of Learning Services.

Associated Units

Superior unit: Brigham Young University. Learning Services (1978-1981)

Earlier unit: Harold B. Lee Library. Learning Resource Centers Dept. (1978)

Later unit: Harold B. Lee Library. Learning Centers Division (1981)

Associated Archival Materials

Harold B. Lee Library Annual Reports (UA 1015)


Learning Services Annual Report 1977-1979; (Learning Centers are part of Learning Services)

HBLL Annual Report 1981-1982: (Learning Centers transferred back to the Library)

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