Brigham Young University. Extension Division

The Extension Division was established in 1921 as a way of offering education to those not attending Brigham Young University. In 1957 it was renamed Adult Education and Extension Services and in 1966 became the Division of Continuing Education. Those who served as Directors:Lowry Nelson (1921-1936), Harrison R. Merrill (1936-1939), Carlton Culmsee (1939-1944), Gerrit de Jong (Acting Director; 1944-1946), Thomas L. Broadbent (Acting Director; 1946-1947), Harold G. Clark (1947-1957).

Variant Names

Continuing Education


Established: 1921

Abolished: 1957

Location: Provo, Utah (1921-1957)


The purpose of the Extension Division is to carry the work of Brigham Young University beyond the immediate campus to the people of the entire church as far as is feasible. At the time of its inception, its program combined publicity, off-campus programs, lectures, and community services with the more formal classroom offerings and credit courses both by correspondence and lecture.

Assets and Administrative Structure

The Extension Division was supervised by a director who reported to the president of the university.

Associated Units

Superior unit: Brigham Young University (1921-1957)

Later unit: Brigham Young University. Adult Education and Extension Services (1957)

Associated Archival Materials

Extension Division Announcement, 1921; BYU Quarterlies (UA 1102 Box 2 Fol 3)


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