Brigham Young University. Educational Information and Guidance Center

The Educational Information and Guidance Center was established by the Church in 1965 and placed under the joint direction of the Church School System and Brigham Young University. In 1971, the Center was renamed the Educational and Career Advisement Center, and assumed back into the greater Church Education System.


Established: 1965

Abolished: 1971

Location: Provo, Utah (1965-1971)


The major purposes of the Center are to assist the youth of the Church in their educational decisions by developing and directing programs which will inform students, parents, Church officers, and other LDS Church Members regarding the scope of educational opportunities available to high school graduates; the characteristics of each of the Church's educational programs and their benefits and advantages; and the characteristics of students who, in general, succeed in each of the Church's educational programs.

Assets and Administrative Structure

The Center was administrated over jointly by the Administrator of the Church School System and the President of Brigham Young University. Additionally, the Center was presided over by the Steering Committee, which was comprised of the Assistant to the President of Ricks College, the LDS Business College Dean of Students, the director of the center, the assistant administrator for seminaries and institutes in the Church Education System, Dean of Admissions and Records at Brigham Young University, and a faculty representative of the Church College of Hawaii.

Associated Units

Superior unit: Brigham Young University (1965-1971)

Associated Archival Materials

Brigham Young University Employee Relations/Equal Employment Opportunity Office, 1967-1996 (UA 1289.1.7)


Educational Information and Guidance Center Records (MSS 7500): Annual Report (the major purposes of the Center; who administers the Center, including offices from university and church; Date of establishment; Director)

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