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The Resource Center on Adult Development and Aging was established on September 1, 1976 to serve the older population in the LDS Church and the community, as well as the nation at large. Phileon B. Robinson was the director of the center.


Established: 1976

Abolished: 1986

Location: Provo, Utah (1976-1986)


There were three major goals for the Resource Center on Adult Development and Aging: 1) to encourage age-related research on the part of BYU faculty and other LDS scholars 2) To assist with development of educational programs and materials for the benefit of the elderly and 3) to provide technical assistance to Church and community leaders.

Assets and Administrative Structure

The Resource Center on Adult Development and Aging was under the supervision of a director who reported directly to the dean of the Division of Continuing Education.

Associated Units

Superior unit: Brigham Young University. Division of Continuing Education (1976-1986)

Associated Archival Materials


Brigham Young University Bulletin Catalog of Courses, 1981-1982: p. 289 (Phileon B. Robinson, Director)

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