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==Maintenance Information==
==Maintenance Information==
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In 1956 the Brigham Young University College of Commerce created the Department of Industrial Management to provide students with training and experience for effective management of industrial organizations. During its two years of operation, Richard L. Smith acted as chairman. In 1958 the College of Commerce combined the departments of Industrial Management, Finance and Banking, and Marketing into the department of Business Management.

Variant names

Brigham Young University. College of Commerce. Dept. of Industrial Management.


Established: 1956

Abolished: 1958

Location: Provo, Utah (1956-1958)


The Department of Industrial Management was responsible for the teaching of courses on the classes of blue print reading, managerial control, industrial organization and management, problems in production, personnel management, labor problems, industrial psychology, personnel psychology, human relations in industry, problems in industrial relations, production planning and control, techniques in production analysis, organization planning, production policy, industry analysis, and problems in business management, management of production facilities, advanced production methods, industrial planning and forecasting.

Assets and Administrative Structure

The Dept of Industrial Management was part of the College of Commerce.

Associated Units

Superior unit: Brigham Young University. College of Commerce (1929-1959)

Later unit: Brigham Young University. College of Business. Dept. of Business Management


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Maintenance Information

Record ID: EAC-2009-00286

Creator: RSP