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Record ID: EAC-2009-00505
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The Bachelor of General Studies Program was established in 1999. Ellen Allred has been director of the program since its establishment.


Established: 1999


Location: Provo, Utah (1999- )


The bachelor of general studies (BGS) degree is a flexible, external degree program that uses the same BYU curriculum and mirrors the same university requirements expected of degree-seeking undergraduate students on campus, including general education, residency, and religious education requirements.

Assets and Administrative Structure

The Bachelor of General Studies Program was under the supervision of a director who reported directly to the dean of the Division of Continuing Education.

Associated Units

Superior unit: Brigham Young University. Division of Continuing Education (1999- )

Associated Archival Materials


Brigham Young University Bulletin Catalog of Courses, 1999-2000: p. 391 (Ellen Allred, Director)

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Record ID: EAC-2009-00505

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