Wheatley Institution

The Wheatley Institution was established in 2007. Richard N. Williams is the founding director.


Established: 2007

Location: Provo, Utah (2007- )


The mission of the Wheatley Institution is to promote and enrich BYU academic excellence and reputation, and faculty and student experiences, by encouraging and funding the collaborative research of BYU professors with scholars from universities across the nation. Its goal is to encourage scholarship of consequence and get BYU as a university involved in critical conversations, focusing on family, education, and ethics.

Assets and Administrative Structure

The Wheatley Institution is administered by a director, an associate director, an initiative coordinator, and a twelve-member board of overseers, who report to BYU's International Vice President.

Associated Units

Superior unit: Brigham Young University (2007- )


Phone conversation with Annalaura Solomon, Wheatley Institution Secretary, Oct. 5, 2011 (function of Wheatley Institution, reports to International Vice President's office).

The Wheatley Institution Mission Statement and Institutional Purpose Statement.

The Wheatley Institution website, Oct. 5, 2011: About the Wheatley Institution page (purpose of the Wheatley Institution) Administration and Staff page (Richard N. Williams, founding Director; James E. Faulconer, Associate Director; Emily Reynolds, Initiative Coordinator).

The Wheatley Institution Web page, Dec. 5, 2011: Administration and Staff page (Emily Reynolds, acting Assistant Director) Board of Overseers page (twelve-member board of overseers)

Email to Annalaura Solomon, Wheatley Institution Secretary, Oct. 5, 2011 (Wheatley Institution Mission Statement)

Email to Annalaura Solomon, Wheatley Institution Secretary, Nov. 2, 2011 (Richard N. Williams first and only director, Emily Reynolds acting assistant director from 2007-2011, Janna Gates administrative assistant from 2007-2009)

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