Marriott School of Management. Institute of Retail Management

The Institute of Retail Management was created in 1995 in the Marriott School of Management in a renaming of the earlier Skaggs Institute of Retail Management. The institute was administered by director William R. Swinyard. In 1997 the scope of the institute was expanded, and it was renamed as the Institute of Marketing.

Variant names

Brigham Young University. Marriott School of Management. Institute of Retail Management


Established: 1995

Abolished: 1997

Location: Provo, Utah (1995-1997)


The institute had three primary functions: instruction of students in the area of retail management, advancement of research in retail manangement, and the development and provision of workshops and seminars on retail management for off-campus audiences. The institute was also involved in internship programs with retail companies.

Assets and Administrative Structure

The institute was administered by a director under the guidance of an external advisory board. The institute was under the direction of the Marriott School of Management, and was closely associated with the Institute of Business Management.

Associated Units

Superior unit: Marriott School of Management (1995-1997)

Associated unit: Marriott School of Management. Institute of Business Management (1995-1997)

Earlier unit: Skaggs Institute of Retail Management (1995)

Later unit: Marriott School of Management. Institute of Marketing (1997)


Exchange, Spring 1998: p. 18 (Institute of Retail Management; renamed Institute of Marketing in 1997)

Brigham Young University catalog, 1994-1995: p. 246 (Skaggs Institute of Retail Management)

Brigham Young University catalog, 1996-1997: p. 260 (William R. Swinyard, director; institute offers a retailing emphasis through the Institute of Business Management; goals include increasing the number and quantity of people entering retailing, producing research on retail management and technology, and producing workshops and seminars off-campus for retail management; institute involved in internship programs)

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