Marriott School of Business. Advisement Center

In 2017, the Marriott School of Management changed its name to the Marriott School of Business. The current director is Michael P. Thompson (2017- ).


Established: 2017

Location: Provo, Utah (2017- )


The Advisement Center provided undergraduate students with academic advisers who help the student successfully complete university, college, and major requirements. The program helped with registration, graduation requirements, fields of study, changes in major, transfer evaluation, and clarifying policies and procedures.

Assets and Administrative Structure

The Advisement Center was administered by the center supervisor, under the direction of the Marriott School of Business dean.

Associated Units

Superior unit: Marriott School of Business (2017- )

Earlier unit: Marriott School of Management. Management Advisement Center (2017)


Brigham Young University General Catalog, 2017-2018 (Michael P. Thompson, Director (2017- ))

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