Harold B. Lee Library. Manuscripts Dept.

Before 1973, there was no Manuscript Librarian and the responsibility for acquiring and processing manuscripts lay with the University Archives, and Special Collections. In late 1973 a Manuscripts department was officially organized to deal fully with the acquisition and processing of manuscripts. The Manuscript Librarian was Dennis Rowley (1973-1974).


Established: 1973

Abolished: 1974

Location: Provo, Utah (1973-1974)


The Manuscripts Department dealt with collecting, and processing manuscripts. Most of the manuscript collections dealt with Utah, Mormonism, and the West. Most of the manuscript collections were available for the public to view.

Assets and Administrative Structure

The head of Manuscripts reported to the Assistant Director for Public Services under the Director of Libraries.

Associated Units

Superior unit: Harold B. Lee Library (1973-1974)

Earlier unit: J. Reuben Clark, Jr., Library. Manuscript Division (1973)

Later unit: Harold B. Lee Library. Dept. of Archives and Manuscripts (1974)

Associated Archival Materials

Biennial and Annual reports (UA 1015)


Annual Report, Sept. 1973-Aug. 1974: pg. 3, (Administrative structure, names, dates)

Harold B. Lee Library Annual Report, 1973-1974: pg. 9, (Dennis Rowley developing and making useful manuscript holdings in 1973)

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