L. Tom Perry Special Collections

In 1999 Special Collections was moved to the first floor (second level down) from the fourth floor of the Harold B. Lee Library and by request of Aline and L. Sam Skaggs (who made a generous financial donation to the new library) Special Collections was named after Elder L. Tom Perry of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles. The Chairs of L. Tom Perry Special Collections were Scott Duvall (1999-2002), P. Bradford Westwood (2002-2008), and Russ Taylor (2008-).

Variant names


Perry Special Collections

Special Collections


Established: 1999

Location: Provo, Utah (1999-)


The L. Tom Perry Special Collections Library preserves and houses materials requiring regulation. Because of their uniqueness, value, or fragility, these materials are given great care to protect them from damage or theft and to ensure their proper long-term use.

Hence, Special Collections acquires, preserves, and makes available for use printed materials (280,000 books, pamphlets, prints, etc.) and a vast array of items comprising manuscript materials (8,000 manuscript collections including diaries, journals, papers, music scores, university records [including records of retired faculty], and 500,000 photographs).

In keeping with the vision of Brigham Young University, all undergraduates are encouraged to have a graduate-level research experience at BYU. Special Collections wants to help in this mission by allowing all students the opportunity to research the vast collection of primary sources in its holdings. All other patrons outside of BYU including researchers from other universities are also invited to visit and do research.

L. Tom Perry Special Collections' more precise categories of interest are: Mormon and Western Americana Collection (from 1800s to the present), Folklore Archives, Renaissance and Reformation Collections, Film and Music Archives, Arts and Communications Archives (emphasizing in motion pictures, art, broadcasting and journalism), Photograph Archives, Victorian Collections, Literature, Fine Printing Collections, and the Brigham Young University Archives.

L. Tom Perry Special Collections maintained its own Exhibits Unit until 2008, when the Promotions and Outreach Dept. of the library assumed responsibility for the unit.

Assets and Administrative Structure

In 2012 L. Tom Perry Special Collections staff positions consisted of: A Department Chair, Administrative Assistant, Assistant Department Chair for Manuscripts, Assistant University Archivist for Special Collections, University Archivist, Paraprofessional Manuscript Processor, nine Curators, and three Adjunct Curators.

The department chair of L. Tom Perry Special Collections reports to the Assistant University Librarian for Special Collections, who reports to the University Librarian.

Associated Units

Superior unit: Harold B. Lee Library. Special Collections Division (1999- )

Earlier unit: Harold B. Lee Library. Dept. of Special Collections and Manuscripts (1999)

Associated Archival Materials

L. Tom Perry Special Collections digital project records (UA 5589)


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E-Mail from Scott Duvall, 15 May 2012 (Scott Duvall as Assistant University Librarian 1997 to present {2012})

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