Brigham Young University. Traffic Dept.

The Brigham Young University Traffic Department was formed in 1955 as a department of the Security Office. It's role was to register campus vehicles and enforce campus rules and regulations regarding traffic and parking. In 1958, it was absorbed back into the Security Office. Its administrator was Leonard E. Christensen (1955-1958)

Variant names

Brigham Young University. Security Office. Traffic Department


Established: 1955

Abolished: 1958

Location: Provo, Utah (1955-1958)


The Brigham Young University Traffic Department registered vehicles that would be parked on campus and provided parking permits for that purpose.

Assets and Administrative Structure

The Traffic Department was administered by the Security Office and the Captain of Campus Security was its administrator.

Associated Units

Superior unit: Brigham Young University. Security Office (1955-1958)


Brigham Young University, Annual Catalog Issue 1955-1956, p. 37 (Leonard E. Christensen); p. 101 (functions, Traffic Department)

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