Brigham Young University. Student Development

Student Development was a program which existed briefly in 1992 before being incorporated into Student Life in 1993. It existed to advise open major students in choosing majors and classes. Maren M. Mouritsen served as dean.


Established: 1992

Abolished: 1993

Location: Provo, Utah (1992-1993)


Student Development functioned to help students who had not declared a major (open-major students) to complete their General Education courses as well as choose a major.

Assets and Administrative Structure

Student Development functioned under the administration of a dean.

Associated Units

Superior unit: Brigham Young University (1992-1993)

Subordinate unit: Brigham Young University. Dept. of Student Development (1992-1993)

Later unit: Brigham Young University. Student Life (1993-1997)


Brigham Young University General Catalog 1992-1993: p. 299, 53 (Maren M. Mouritsen, dean; functions to help open major students complete General Education classes and choose a major)

Brigham Young University General Catalog 1993-1994: p. 55 (name change to Student Life)

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