Brigham Young University. Performing Arts Series Committee

In 1983 the Lyceum Committee was renamed the Performing Arts Series Committee. K. Newell Dayley, the former chairman of the Lyceum Committee and the head of the Department of Music, served as this committee's first chairman.


Established: 1983

Abolished: ?
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Location: Provo, Utah (1983-?
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The function of the Performing Arts Series Committee was to cultivate a cultural climate that will inspire the faculty, studentbody, and community, to arrange contracts with musicians, to promote an image of a superior lyceum program through publicity and public relations, to maintain good relations with all University and community musical organizations and to acquire adequate financing for a superior lyceum program.

Assets and Administrative Structure

The heads of the Department of Music served as chairmen of this committee which reported to the Dean of the College of Fine Arts.

Associated Units

Superior unit: Brigham Young University (1983-?
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Earlier unit: Brigham Young University. Lyceum Committee (1983)

Associated Archival Materials

Department of Music Department Chair Records, 1942-1988 (UA 665 Box 4 Fol 9 – Box 5 Fol 1)


Brigham Young University Committees, 1980-1984 (UA 791 Fol 1): (responsible to the Dean of the College of Fine Arts; K. Newell Dayley, chairman; cultivated a cultural climate; arranged contracts; promoted lyceums through public relations; maintained good relations with musical organizations; acquired financial support for the lyceums)

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