Brigham Young University. Office of the Treasurer

The Office of the Treasurer was the office on campus that handled all of the financial accounts for the University. Treasurers include: E.H. Holt, Ariel S. Baliff, and Kiefer Sauls. Before 1976, the Office dissolved into the University.


Established: 1904

Abolished: before 1976

Location: Provo, Utah (1904- before 1976)


The Office of the Treasurer handled all of the financial accounts of the school, checking to see if all outstanding balances had been paid, and if all budgets were balanced. They handled professorial salaries and retirement funds, departmental accounts, all accounts associated with the Student Body and campus in general, and all extraneous purchases and monetary matters in connection with the University. It was comprised of an every growing and changing list of departments and divisions, including Accounts Payable, Budget Control, General Accounting, Investments and Special Funds, Payrolls, Ticket Bureau, and Cashier, among many others.

Assets and Administrative Structure

The Office was managed by the Treasurer who reported to the Vice-President of the University.

Associated Units

Superior unit: Brigham Young University (1904- before 1976)

Associated Archival Materials

UA 112 – Student Body Accounts and Expenditures 1912-1920

UA 249 – Papers 1935-1939

UA 355– Records 1880-1978

UA 370 – Records 1949-1952

UA 1275 box 4 – Records 1977-1993

UA 371 – Records 1940-1951

UA 276 – Records 1945-1951

UA 280 – Records 1950-1951

UA 281 – Records 1951-1952

UA 892 volume 6 – Records 1950-1974

UA 878 Volume 31 – Joseph T. Bentley Correspondence 1952-1969

UA 672 - Printed matter files consisting of faculty announcements and memorandum, 1950-1980.


UA 371 (Kiefer B. Sauls, Treasurer)

UA 111 (E.H. Holt, Treasurer; Ariel S. Baliff, Treasurer; All functions and organization of the Office)

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