Brigham Young University. Moral Studies Group

The Moral Studies Group was created by English professor Arthur Henry King and philosophy professor C. Terry Warner under President Dallin H. Oaks in the 1970s. The program was dismantled by President Jeffrey R. Holland in 1983 when it became apparent that the program did not intend to publish their views on morality for peer review but were restricting their presentations of Mormon-based ethics to relatively uncritical campus and Church audiences.


Established: before 1980

Abolished: 1983

Location: Provo, Utah (before 1980-1983)


The intended function of the university-sponsored program was to defend and articulate Mormon tenets of belief.

Assets and Administrative Structure

The Moral Studies Group started as an informal association of BYU professors who explored moral questions and answers. The founding members of the group were: Arthur King, James W. Robertson, W. Duane Boyce, Terry Olson, Dennis J. Packard, Richard N. Williams, and Glen M. Cooper. Eventually under BYU President Oaks, the group became a university endorsed organization.

Associated Units

Superior unit: Brigham Young University. College of Humanities (before 1980-1983)


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